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Venice of the Cotswolds | Bourton-on-the-Water | Jody Weymouth

Often times in life the journey is more important than the destination. For me, this usually means living in the moment. But, the day I went to Bourton-on-the-Water, the day was really about the journey.

I had planned a wonderful day exploring this scenic town with a new friend. We each took our own cars since at the end of the day she had to go and pick up her husband (who is on the same course as Andrew). I would drive back home since Andrew had already arranged a ride.

The Cotswolds are filled with typical English villages: limestone cottages with thatched roofs. It was our first really warm day and everything is perfect. We sit at a cafe on the sidewalk and have scones. I was about to have an experience that would change my life. CLOTTED CREAM!!! Oh my. It was so creamy that I had mistaken it for butter. I will never be the same again. As we are enjoying the moment we each get a text from our husbands to let us know that they will be done classes early. The ride Andrew had arranged had fallen through. We just had an hour for a quick walk around before we had to leave.

I was excited that Andrew was having an earlier day. It meant more time together and with our lifestyle time together is precious. I was also very nervous. Being in the heart of the Cotswolds meant that I was taking back roads. On the weekends, when we explore Andrew drives. During the week I have the car and this gives him a chance to maintain his skills at driving in England. Really, I am a chicken to drive on some of these roads. With My trusty Sat Nav I was off. Praying that Gertie, the Sat Nav, knew where she was going since I had no clue. The back roads (B roads) are twisty, turning and very narrow with no shoulder. The speed limit is 60 miles. I was hitting the B roads for the very first time. I am very sorry to any drivers who were stuck behind me. I felt like I was driving an out of control roller coaster. Once the road straightened out for a while I was able to drive 50. I was very proud of myself. I was turning onto roads that were so narrow that I was afraid that they were one way roads. I had to put complete trust in Gertie. Some roads were so small that they were lanes and others were even smaller than that and had no names. I drove past the signs telling me that the road was narrowing and that oncoming traffic would be in the middle of the road. I was a little worried about my brain cells being deprived of oxygen since I was holding my breath so much. I had no clue where I was so I just kept following Gertie. After what seemed liked forever, I saw the windmills across from the school. I was so excited. I had done it. Driven on those scary backroads all by myself  and survived.

That journey had given me confidence: confidence that I could drive on the backroads and confidence in the Sat Nav. Where ever your journey takes you, enjoy and embrace it.

Phyllis Weymouth - 12 April , 2011 - 12:26 am

Beautiful Jody , Keep them coming !!!

Michelle Miller - 12 April , 2011 - 12:55 am

Hi Jody,
I’ve been following your blog and find it to be the most interesting pieces I ever read, I have to commend you on your work,it is truly amazing, your photography is stunning.You should be so proud.You certainly are living a dream,I’ve always wanted to visit england,such a historical place.I hope you enjoy every minute of everyday you are there.Keep the blogging coming I look forward to reading you next post.

Michelle :0)

jodyweymouth - 12 April , 2011 - 8:50 am

Thank you for the kind words. I started this blog as a memory for us of this wonderful adventure. And a way for friends and family to take part in the adventure. It is so nice to know that people are reading it and enjoying it. I have lots more places to blog. I really need to catch up.

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